Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day late and a dollar short?

I can't believe it. I haven't posted any new content in 31 days. Thirty-one whole days! Forgive me. I have been meaning to post for weeks now, but could never find the time. I know, it's a lousy excuse. But at least I'm being honest. I could have lied and said I had the Swine Flu for the last 3 weeks... Anyways, starting today, I am making it a point to find the time. It's actually easy, all I have to do is not watch 2 hours of TV each and every night (Damn you Tivo! You make it too easy). I apologize for the lack of new content. It won't happen again.

Part of the reason I haven't posted recently is we recently spent 6 nights in Las Vegas. We arrived in Vegas on May 6th a little before noon and headed to New York New York. Check in was a bit of a fiasco. Apparently, Orbitz booked us not one, not two, but three hotel rooms and then canceled ALL of them. Of course, we had no idea this happened. So it was nice surprise when we tried to check in and were informed that we did not have a reservation. This is not the surprise you want when you've been awake since 4:00am EST and just completed an 8 hour flight! We called Orbitz 'Customer Service' and became increasingly frustrated with the situation. Thankfully the hotel manager also called Orbitz and managed to get everything fixed for us.

The rest of our time in Vegas was awesome. The weather was great; sunny with a high of 97*F with 0% humidity. I never realized just how much I disliked humidity until this trip. We gambled (won some, lost some) and I discovered a love for Blazing 777s slot machines! We also saw two shows, Blue Man Group, and Penn & Teller. Both were great! We also took in the free "shows" the hotels offer, like the Pirate Ship battle at Treasure Island, and the Bellagio Fountains.

We also took a day trip to the Grand Canyon. We were picked up from our hotel and driven to a small airport. From there we took a 30 minute flight to the West rim which is located on the Hualapi Indian reservation. It was a clear day, so the view from the sky and ground was absolutely breathtaking! You could see forever...it was awe-inspiring. I think I took over 200 pictures in the 4 hours we were there. I just couldn't get over how beautiful it was.

The Hualapi Tribe had displays of different types of housing set up, as well as members on site to answer questions about the tribe and the Grand Canyon.

A family was also present to share some of their tribes different dances and songs.

The Grand Canyon's splendour is breathtaking. Photographs cannot do it's beauty justice. If you've never visited, I suggest you make time to at some point. You won't be disappointed.

Our visit to the Grand Canyon was a highlight of our trip. But it wasn't the only one. We dined at and ate a lot of amazing food. I also had the opportunity to check out a Vegas Uncork'd event. But I'll get into that tomorrow... Oh, and I promise to include a recipe too!

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